Guest Post: Michelle from Michelle Koechle Photography

I’m so excited to introduce you all to the lovely and incredibly talented Michelle Koechle! She is not only an awesome photographer, but an avid reader like I am (that’s how we met! Well that, and the magic of Twitter.) Her guest post rings close to my heart, and you’ll see why below. Enjoy!


I am so excited to be guest posting on Melisa’s blog today! Melissa is a new addition to the people I follow on Twitter thanks to the magical connections of the Twookclub. Even though I haven’t been able to participate much in the club, I am still so grateful for joining it because of all the new, amazing people I’ve “met.” When I was contemplating what I should write about for the guest post, I decided to peruse Melissa’s blog more thoroughly to make sure I had an idea of her blogging style. I came across a page titled “Start With These Posts” (link) which I had honestly never checked out before. Curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up reading through each of Melissa’s recommended posts when I came across one in particular that inspired me. The inspiration isn’t derived from anything in particular except for that it relates to some things I’ve been thinking in my own life. That’s the beauty of the blogging community. It allows you to feel connected to people you’ve never met through their experiences and the experiences you share.

The post I’m speaking of is called, A Little More Honesty, Please. Melissa describes feeling stuck between wanting to be fully uncensored on her blog but still holding back due to the possible repercussions that can come when blogging boundaries aren’t set. I, too, have struggled in this area particularly after I decided to move my old blog to my now business blog. My blog now represents my photography business and in all honestly, that sometimes scares me. I’ve always been a blogger, and I love trying to be as open as possible. I’ve never had many qualms with sharing. However, now that my blog has taken on a more professional role, I find myself missing just letting it all out. Now, more than ever, I long for that kind of release because owning a business is hard and so often, I am faced with many challenges I feel I am unable to mention on my blog. I give myself a fix here and there with hints and hidden snarky comments on my blog that no one would really understand except for perhaps the person involved. While this is slightly satisfying, I miss being able to write what-would-you-do posts when I am faced with certain situations. I know that, even if I wrote such a post with a calm and logical tone, I would be deemed as unprofessional and “hotheaded.”

The question I often end up asking myself is when is honesty really the best policy on my business blog? With my business matters and personal life being merged into one blog, it can be tough to decide. Do any of you deal with a similar blogging challenge? And I have to wonder how Melissa is doing on being more honest too. :)


  1. I totally get where you’re coming from…. it’s even more difficult for you to put stuff out there in the blogoshpere when your name is connected to your business. That makes being open and honest and sharing your every day life stories even more difficult.

    Unfortunately, I am not much of a help here. My blog is strictly personal and therefore I feel a little bit more freedom about what I write, but even I struggle with the questions of how far I can take it…


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