Tofino, British Columbia- Part 1

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I got this amazing job as a student brand manager for a travel company called Beach Travellers. I had kind of applied on a whim, thinking that I loved travel and they seemed like a really cool company, so why not? I went through 3 rounds of interviews before being accepted and making it into the Top 10 SBM’s chosen. When I found out, I was in complete shock-¬†all I knew is that I felt like I was getting a dream job AND they were flying me out to the West Coast of Canada for 4 days for a retreat.

Well, last weekend was that retreat. And it was so amazing to discover another part of my country. I absolutely adore traveling and flying, but this was the first time I would be getting on a plane by myself- nevermind the fact that I was flying three time zones away to meet 15 people I had literally never seen before in my life.

The weekend was kiiiiinda life changing. I’ve been home for about a week now and I’m still in that phase of being depressed and feeling like my brain hasn’t quite come home with me. Here’s what the first half of my weekend looked like:


My alarm went off at 3am on Friday November 8th, and it was off to the airport in Montreal for a 5:30am flight to Toronto! From there, I met up with the four student brand managers who call TO home, and we all boarded a 7:30am flight direct to Vancouver, BC.

IMG_3807Montreal at 5:30am… I love my city!

When we arrived in Vancouver, we met up with another SBM as well as the Beach Travellers tour guide for Thailand, both who flew in from Edmonton. The 7 of us hopped a late morning flight from Vancouver to Victoria, where we would be meeting the rest of the SBM’s (who are from BC) and the gang from Beach Travellers for our 6 hour road trip to Tofino!

IMG_3819Victoria, BC from a tiny plane window. So gorgeous!

IMG_3825In total, we were 14 people in two vans heading out to beach city. We split up in the two cars & started making the afternoon drive up.

IMG_4044We stopped in Cathedral Park to stretch our legs and wander around a little bit. Of course, photo ops with the massive trees were a must!

IMG_4043We made another stop near this gorgeous waterfall overlooking all the mountains around us. It was breathtaking!

IMG_3885We made one final stop at Long Beach, Tofino, before heading to the beach house for the evening. It was misty and the sun was setting, but it all added to the charm of the place. We had all been in the car for close to 6 hours, and spent 5-10 minutes throwing around a freesbie and just running across the sand, soaking in Tofino for the first time.

tofino1Such a beautiful place!

When we got to the beach house where we would be spending the weekend, we were introduced to the two guys who founded the company & given our itinerary for the weekend (in true Beach Travellers form!) The rest of our night was free to do whatever we wanted, and we all ended up lounging in the cozy living room, playing a hilarious game called ‘Cards Against Humanity’ and basically getting to know each other better.


It was crazy to think that I had met these people all within 12 hours, and I felt like I knew them all for so, so much longer. We all immediately got along super well, which made it so much easier to kick back and relax.

Jet lag settled in really quickly on all of us, so we had an early 11pm bedtime, which was all sorts of fine with me!


The next morning, we all got decked out in our brand new Beach Travellers swag, took some pictures, and settled into the living room once again to get our SBM training. It was awesome. We got to listen to the entire history of the company, the breakdown of each trip & how they came to exist, all right from the two guys who make them happen. Basically, the end result was that I was pretty much ready to book my Thailand and Bali trips ASAP, like, get me a computer and let me put down that deposit right away.

tofino3BT gang signs, if you’re wondering what on earth we’re doing here.

IMG_3924After a very productive morning, we had some lunch & then headed out to Cox Bay for a little trek around the beach and up to the view points. It was so charming, despite the rain, I could have stayed there all day.



We headed back to the beach house after about an hour or so, had a quick afternoon brainstorming session, and then got our things together for an evening out in Tofino! The guys of BT took the whole gang out to dinner at a place called The Shelter, and it was absolutely amazing. Lots of drinks, delicious food, and then a small trip to the Tofino Brewery ended off our second evening in town.

tofino8Beer in Tofino is so darn good!

Overall, our first day and a half on the West Coast were tons of fun. Even the “work” part didn’t feel quite like work.

The next day would be our free day in Tofino, and the guys were taking us surfing! It was quite an experience….


  1. Okay.

    1) I LOVE that my Beautiful British Columbia impressed you! I’m all beam-y reading this.
    2) I also love that you had such a kickass retreat and met some truly awesome people.

    Just awesome. :)

  2. Yayyy! What a cool experience. I can’t wait to hear more about this. I LOVE TOFINO!! Ahhh, such a beautiful place. When we were there in July and the sun would come out over the beach it didn’t even feel like we were in Canada. I can’t wait to go back!

  3. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time! I know you were freaking out about it. :) I knew you’d be okay! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. That is so awesome that you got selected for this opportunity. It sounds like the perfect fit for you. Those pictures are so gorgeous! I have been to Victoria but did not get a chance to check out Tofino but after seeing Amber’s honeymoon pics and your pics, I know it’s a place I have got to try to get to!

  5. I LOVE the photo of you by yourself.

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