Life, Lately


Life lately has been very busy. Sometimes it feels like I won’t ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then I hand in another project, or cross another item off my to-do list and I feel like I’m taking another step in the right direction.

This year has been amazing, life-changing, and ultimately has pushed and pulled me apart in so many ways, sometimes I’m not even sure how I got here in one piece.

Since coming home from BC last weekend, I’ve been immersed in catching up on work. I took four days COMPLETELY off, something I didn’t even realize I could do or, really, just how much I needed it. I came home feeling so refreshed, making it that much harder to jump right back into the toughest part of semester. Finals.

I’m ready for this semester to be over, enjoy the holidays with family, and start fresh in January. There are so many things to look forward to in the New Year, I don’t even know where to start. I remember when 2012 ended and 2013 began, I was scared. I felt like 2012 was this big, amazing year, and nothing would top it. The truth is that 2012 ended up being the year that I learned how to embrace opportunity, and that has followed me all year. Now, I’m excited for the next challenges to come. Bring it.


Life has otherwise been a blur of late nights spent at school, early mornings rushing back out of the house, a few home cooked meals, some evenings spent with friends, the occasional social outing, lots of coffee, more coffee, wanderlust, trying to get back into writing, scrambling to get through all the projects and finals coming up, organizing the last few events with CASA Cares, and settling into a new rhythm that includes my two new jobs with MTL Blog and Beach Travellers.

I’ve been trying to keep making time to see my nephew, who still seems to be growing in leaps & bounds each time I see him, and more recently I’ve decided it’s time to pick up a book again. It’s definitely been a struggle to read even just a few pages each day because my brain doesn’t feel like it can function after my 18-20 hour days, but I miss it terribly. I miss being a book nerd.

These last few weeks of semester are bound to go by faster than I can even imagine between finals and events, but there are a few things I’d like to be doing in the midst of it all:

- Get back into reading. Like, seriously.

- Avoid spending money on silly things, especially food at school. Save those pennies for travels!

- Find time for friends & family, however possible

- Don’t stop writing

If I’ve learned anything this semester, it’s that I sacrifice the things I love too easily. Since coming home from BC, I’m so inspired to pick up my  hobbies again and do the things that make the tough days a little bit better.

How’s your life been, lately?


  1. I hope you enjoy your break from school and can spend some time doing some of your favorite things. Making time for hobbies and such is so important, although I understand it’s tough as that is something I struggled with when I was studying for the CFA. Life these days is pretty uneventful for me. I am just focusing on my Paris trip which is just days away, and I am trying to remain hopeful that I will find a way to get back home by mid-2014.

  2. I remember us talking about 2013 and how you were sad because it seemed 2012 was such a BIG year and 2013 couldn’t top that. Well, well, well. Lookie there. You did. :) I’m so happy 2013 has been such a life-changing year for you and just imagine where you’ll go in 2014!

    So glad a break is coming your way soon! You deserve it.

  3. BC sounds like it was a great experience. I’m happy that you got to rest and refresh! I am so amazed at your drive and energy to do so many things this last year. Awesome that it’s been so fulfilling for you. Good luck in finals :)

  4. It’s been forever since I’ve commented on here but not because I haven’t been reading or enjoying, just that my life lately, like yours, has been a chaotic blur! I want you to know (and I’ve probably said it before) that I find your dedication to following your dreams and passions so inspiring. Whether it’s family, travel, books, writing, music, school… you throw yourself into things and when the balance isn’t right, you call yourself out on that and try and try again to get it right. I need to learn from your habits. xo

  5. Nice to “see” you. I am so happy that you have snagged so many amazing opportunities this year. It is totally well deserved!

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