Merry Christmas!

So… I’ve been a little absent from the blog world. Hi!

Things got a bit hectic around here, and even though school ended two weeks ago, that just made no difference whatsoever because I was still very busy. Luckily, I managed a few days off for Christmas, and ended up sleeping at my brother’s house on Christmas Eve. My nephew was beyond excited that we were having a sleepover, LET me tell you!

IMG_4460My mom left in the afternoon on the 24th to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, so I forced her into taking a selfie with me before she headed out!

IMG_4465My nephew and I had some fun sending Christmas snapchats to friends on Christmas Eve before dinner. :)

IMG_4477My sister-in-law makes some seriously good food, but this homemade ice-cream cake was AMAZING.

We spent Christmas Eve relaxing among family members, eating lots of food, and of course, my nephew completely wore me out- as a two year old might. By 1am, I was lying on the floor completely exhausted, and he was racing around the 10-person dining room table with the radio blaring in the background. I don’t know where the kid gets his energy.

We went to bed around 2am. He was a big fan of the idea that I would be sleeping in his (Queen size) bed with him, which I did. He didn’t know it was Christmas, of course, but he was awake at 7:30am the next morning anyways, and by 8am I had a toddler hovering over me wondering if I might make him some breakfast. So, you know.

IMG_4480The family slowly woke up, and my sister-in-law made some more kick ass food before we attacked that awesome pile of presents. And yes, that is the Empire State Building made out of Lego on the right hand side. Last year, my brother and nephew had made the Twin Towers for the holidays. It’s a bit of a tradition to have Lego monuments in the house!

IMG_4483Christmas Brunch is the best kind of tradition. Anything with hash browns, really.

We took a little break in between breakfast and presents to play karaoke, because my nephew is a VERY big fan of singing. My brother found us some sweet Justin Bieber karaoke tracks and we had some fun doing that for almost half an hour. Of course, my nephew out-sung the two of us!

IMG_4493Presents were opened! This kid makes Christmas so exciting for all of us, honestly.

IMG_4498After presents, the entire family was back to being exhausted, so we all took naps! I hid away with one of my favorite books I’ve been re-reading, Graceling, and got some good alone time in. It was so wonderful. Best way to spend a Christmas afternoon, if you ask me!

IMG_4502The rest of our day was just as relaxing. Even my nephew took it pretty easy.

IMG_4505His relaxing escalated rather quickly when he refused to have any clothes on, but we let him. Because Christmas. ;)

After a quick (but oh so relaxing) two days off, it was back to work for me on Boxing Day! There is never much rest when you’re working retail in December, but it was nice to take a couple days and just do a whole lot of nothing with family. I’ll be doing the same thing for New Year’s, and I can’t wait. School already starts back up in about a week, and then there won’t be any time off for the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, really!

How was your Christmas?


  1. Your nephew is so adorable! I am impressed that you were all up until 2 am on Christmas Eve! We were up opening presents until almost 11 pm and that felt late to me – but I am such an early bird these days so late nights are hard for me!! I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas and got a chance to relax for a bit! Thanks for sharing photos – your brother’s home is beautiful, by the way! I love the wood floors!

  2. Your nephew is ALWAYS adorable, but that second photo is killing me. So cute! That smile! AH!

    I’m glad you were able to have a relaxing Christmas with your family! The holidays are so much more fun with kids around, right? My nephew makes it a billion times better. :)

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