Two and a Half

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You turned two and a half last Friday, where has time gone?! The last six months have especially flown by while your parents prepared for your baby sister, but you’ve been doing a whole lot of growing up in that time. It’s unbelievable to think of you as a two-year-old and you right now.

Best part? You’re now a full-fledged conversationalist. Okay, well, you’re not exactly perfect in any language yet, but we have some pretty good talks in French and English. You imitate everyone, and I think it’s an absolute riot. This might actually be my favorite age so far, because you now understand everything we say to you… AND THEN YOU ANSWER BACK. It’s great, seriously.

So, you haven’t been home with your baby sister yet as I write this. Actually, it’s a Saturday evening and you’re fast asleep upstairs at my house. You’ve had a pretty nuts two weeks while your parents try and figure out this whole second baby thing, so your grandma offered to take you on for Easter weekend. We’ve had a few good games, a lot of dancing (we discovered ‘Happy’ by Pharrell today!) and some pretty great photo sessions.

It’s honestly just been so fun watching you grow up every time I see you. I’ve been so busy- so distant- these last few months, it’s nice to spend a bit of time with you during finals and figure out who the two and a half year old version of you really is. I think you’re going to start changing a whole lot again very soon when you meet the new baby in your house, so I really want to enjoy these last moments, just the two of us, while I still can.

Being an auntie has been eye-opening. I love being your best friend, even though you somehow have about 800x more energy than I do. I love watching you grow up, and I love seeing what a wonderful difference you make in our family. You’re always making everything fun for all of us again, and it’s great to feel like a kid and play silly games all the time.

This summer is going to be all fun and games, let me tell you.

Lots of love,

auntie Melissa


  1. He is adorable! It’s crazy to watch kids grow up and learn new things. I remember when Noah started talking to me and it wasn’t just me talking to him anymore. We could have a conversation!

    I’m sure he’ll be a great big brother =)

  2. aw he’s too precious! happy birthday little guy.

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