Mid-Summer Goals


I was looking back on the first half of 2014 recently, and was kind of feeling down about it. “What have I really accomplished?” was a fleeting thought, but I did my best to stomp that out because hey, I actually did a lot, and I seem to be getting harder on myself. It also just doesn’t feel like I’ve done all that much because I haven’t been keeping very proper track of it at all.

That is very, very unlike me.

I miss goals. I spent so many years setting goals for myself and working towards them, and it was always just a really comforting thing to have, because I felt like I was working towards a clear cut objective. I never realized just how much I valued being able to quantify what I’ve accomplished through goals. I just like writing down the things I have to do, and being able to cross them off after.

So! I’m not sure if I’ll get ALL of these accomplished, but I’d certainly like to try. Here are a few things I’d like to do this summer:

1. Read 10 books. That’s an average of about 5 books for the next two months. Considering I hadn’t picked up a single novel from January-April, I’m going to consider that really solid. I got back into reading this month luckily, and I realized I missed it a lot. Time to keep it up!

2. Get my driver’s license. Or at least, work really hard towards it. I have to renew my learners permit, pass the written exam again, and learn how to drive my mom’s manual car. I can do it!

3. Renew my passport and my medicare card. My passport expired in January, and I hate the feeling that I can’t leave my country. Not cool. And my medicare card has been expired since my last birthday in July. I am SO fortunate I haven’t gotten sick enough to need it since then. How awful of me. Must do this ASAP.

4. Eat healthier. I find this goal very vague, but that’s what I like about it in this sense. I don’t want to track my food intake or anything like that, I just want to make healthier choices again. I want to eat more vegetarian dishes like I used to, more fruits, less crappy food. School has a way of bringing out my worst eating habits & I want to get rid of them!

5. Take a small trip. Okay so I can’t afford to travel to another continent entirely, but I’d still love to take an opportunity and road trip over the summer. I had this goal in mind months ago when I first started drafting this post, and I’m currently planning a week-long camping trip where I’ll be a Leader for a Girl Guide camp. I’m excited! If I can do another little weekend getaway, I’ll be so happy.

6. Start another 365 photo project. I started one on my 24th birthday and was doing really well until around February when I gave up on it. I miss doing it and I’m sad I stopped, but between elections and life, I barely had time to sleep, let alone take interesting photos every day. I’d love to do it again though.

7. Do things that matter. I’ll be taking a summer class in July/August, and I know that’s going to take up a lot of time (I want to do well!) so I’d like to focus my energy on other projects that really matter to me- not just *things* to keep me busy, which we all know I love. It’s time to be more selective, and see big results.

8. Remember the Summer Ground Rules. I wrote them MONTHS ago and had kind of forgotten about them, but I’d like to try and get back to the ground rules when I make decisions. They’re still totally valid and I don’t apply them often enough yet.

9. Get my finances in check. This is a long-standing goal of course, but it’s time to set some spending boundaries and make sure I can pay for school until I’ve graduated.

10. Apply for jobs I’m passionate about. In between having a quarter life crisis and working my part-time job, I’ve come to the decision that I need a job in a field I want to pursue as a career. I’ve started applying to jobs here and there, but I want to keep applying to these jobs, particularly in fields I’m super passionate about. I’m not entirely convinced I have enough qualifications for anything I truly want yet, but I want to keep trying!

Do you have any summer goals? 


  1. That is a good list of goals! I think it’s good that some are more vague that others as it gives you wiggle room to accomplish them without putting too many requirements on yourself. I’ll be interested to see what books you read!

    I don’t have any summer goals but I do have a summer bucketlist. It’s a list of fun things that I hope to accomplish this summer and I am bound and determined to cross most, if not all, off!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Lisa! There are some things I just **really** need to do, but I agree that some more vague ones are very necessary.

      Summer bucket list is such a great idea!I have to catch up on my reader but I need to come check those out. Love that.

  2. I really like your summer goals! I can’t believe you read ZERO books the first four months of the year. Ha! Busy, busy bee!! I think Lisa is right in saying that sometimes vague goals are better because you don’t have a bunch of restrictions on you.

    I’m doing a 365 project and oh my gahhh, it’s hard! I don’t blame you for giving up with how busy you were earlier this year. My problem is my life is so boring sometimes that I don’t have anything interesting to take a photo of! We’ll see how many pictures of Dutch I end up with at the end of the year. ;)

    I don’t have any summer goals, really, but I would like to eat better, exercise more, spend less money, and try to go on some small summer adventures.

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you! I know, ZERO, crazy right? It’s oddly difficult to get back into reading when you get accustomed to NOT doing it… Never stop! lol

      The 365 project is extremely difficult. I’ve completed it only once, and like 3 or 4 other almost-times now. I always love doing it but I run into the same problem as you; sometimes life is just too boring sometimes lol! Looking back I wish I hadn’t stopped doing it, but honestly I just didn’t even have TIME to take a photo a day. How crazy?! I can’t wait to start again. I love looking back on my previous ones! You’ll see how accomplished you feel when it’s done :)

      Small summer adventures are key. I haven’t taken advantage enough yet, but I certainly hope to!

  3. I feel ya on how hard it is to start reading again once you stop! I love love goals. I’m the same way in like to be able to see myself doing something…even if it’s just simple progress

  4. Maybe my book challenge will help you with #1?? Yeah, yeah? ;)

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