Notable Posts

Hi there! If you’re wandering aimlessly through my archives wondering where on  earth to start, the posts below are a pretty good place. They’re a mix of all my styles  of writing through the 5 years I’ve been blogging and more or less show you who I am  through the last couple years. They go from oldest to newest. 

Even on the posts that are a bit older, I would always love to know what you think so  feel free to leave me comments or you can always e-mail me with questions.

Seven Links- A post with seven more that are worth reading. In my opinion, seven of  my best up until the day I published this one!

On… Waiting- for the right moment to accomplish something. But is there ever one?

Happiness. Or why it is that I do what I do- I go to a lot of concerts. Like, a lot.

A little more honesty, please- A post about choosing to be a more honest blogger from here on out. Kind of scary!

Confessions of a Single Girl- An honest post about the single life!

Blog phases, comparisons & writing anxiety- I admit to having a fear of sharing my writing with the world. It really is kind of terrifying.



Figuring Things Out- I went a little M.I.A in the blog world in the first bit of 2014, and this was why!

Summer Ground Rules- Turning 25 soon? Some rules to live by to avoid a quarter-life crisis.



On… The Meaning of a Year- Why does starting a new year always feel so daunting?

Excuses, Fitness, and Discomfort- Pushing out of your comfort zones for the right reasons.

Five Songs That Changed My Life- The post that started my series, and the 5 songs that have impacted me the most.

On… The Value of a Person- I know my value, do you know yours?

On… University Life- The place that is changing my life, one year at a time!

Fall Out Boy- I interviewed and wrote about one of the bands that has not only changed my life, but inspired my writing career. Such an amazing moment for me that I will always look back on fondly.

Well, that was fun, 2013- Recap of the year! It was a good one. :)



Lessons from a Newbie Vegetarian- I spent almost 2 months trying vegetarianism and LOVED it. Here are some things I learned.

It’s a promise- A self-affirming post I wrote in March 2012 as a reminder of what I want to do in the next few years!

Inspiration From Around The World- A new friend when I really needed it, and a little inspiration from faraway.

Choices, Regrets, and What If’s- Basically exactly what the title says, and how I dealt with them all.

On… Turning 23- My very first birthday in a foreign country, and a world of things to be grateful for. I love this post.

The End of the 101 in 1,001- A thoughtful review on 3 years of my life dedicated to accomplishing 101 goals.

The 365 Photo Project- Finally, after three tries, completing the picture a day project & my thoughts on the whole thing!

On… The Meaning of a Year- Reflecting back on 2012, and saying goodbye to one of the best years of my life


A Debut Series in Music Marketing/Promotion:

So… You Want To Promote Your Music? Some tips on how to properly send out e-mails to market yourself or someone you’re working for.


An Ongoing Series of Traveling Tips: 

Reverse Culture Shock. It’s a real thing, learn my thoughts on it!

Why You Should Invest in a Backpack. It’s the best way to travel, find out why.

Experiencing Hostel Life. Once you go hostel, you’ll never go back!

Traveling on a Schedule. How to plan an itinerary without over-planning your trip.

My Must-Have Travel Apps. I did some research and shared my favorites!

Always, Sometimes, Never. Some travel do’s and don’ts.


My ongoing letters to my first baby nephew and godson:

Letter #1- The day you were born

Letter #2- Two months later

Letter #3- 7 months

Letter #4- 9 months

Letter #5- One Year

Letter #6- 16 months

Letter #7- 20 months

Letter #8- Two Years

Letter #9- Two and a Half


My ongoing letters to my baby niece: 

Letter #1- I’m an auntie, again!