Five Songs That Changed My Life {2}

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Hi, I’m Liz from Dance to the Radio. When Melissa asked me to do this I immediately started thinking about the five songs that changed my life. Coming up with the list was easy, but explaining why each made the list was not. The more I thought about it, I realized just how important these five songs are to me. Music has had such a profound effect on my life and has helped me meet so many of my best friends. It’s because of these songs that I love music as much as I do.

1. Yesterday – The Beatles

Thanks to my parents, The Beatles were my first favorite band. I remember listening to all of their more upbeat songs like ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ as a kid and growing up. Before hearing ‘Yesterday’ music was just enjoyable noise. I remember the first boy I had a crush on playing me this song on his acoustic guitar, it was the first song that I ever had a true emotional connection with. From that point on, music began to really mean something to me.

2. Mixtape – Brand New

In 9th grade I had a graphic design class where I knew no one, which is terrifying for a high school freshman. Eventually I made friends with some of the cool girls who sat at the table in the back corner. One day the leader of the group passed me a CD with ‘Your Favorite Weapon’ written on it in black sharpie. I listened to the album and ‘Mixtape’ quickly became a song I played on repeat. It’s a song that inspired me to explore music outside of classic rock which lead to my love of pop-punk.

3. First Day of my Life – Bright Eyes

This song will forever remind me of my freshman year of college. It’s one of those songs that really brings me back to that time in my life. I knew of the band Bright Eyes before hearing this, but this song helped me get into exploring their discography. This song also introduced me to indie rock. When ‘First Day of My Life’ comes on I still remember the night in the library when I first heard it – I believe I was studying for a Business 101 exam.

4. Say Yes – Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith is another artist I discovered in college and his music had such a profound effect on me. His music sounded like nothing I had ever heard before. ‘Say Yes’ is a song that a friend turned boyfriend put on a mix for me. Although our relationship only lasted a few months, that song is still my very favorite by Elliott Smith.

5. Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

This past winter I was in a rough place. I was deciding to leave my job and move across the country. Around the same time I was introduced to Fiona Apple thanks to a mix of her best songs. On my commute to and from work during those cold, dark winter months I would listen to ‘Paper Bag’ on repeat and sing along. On the bad days the song would bring me to tears, but it always made me feel better. Fiona Apple has since become one of my very favorite musicians.

Guest Blog: Liz from Dance to the Radio

I think today’s guest blogger is the only lady that I personally asked to write something for me because I think she’s THAT awesome (and I really wanted her to share her musical tastes with you all). Liz not only has one of my current favorite Etsy shops, but we have very similar taste in music, which is always a sealed deal of approval in the blogger world for me! It’s no surprise that I love what she wrote & shared for my blog today, happy reading- and listening!


Hello to all of Melissa’s followers! I’m Liz and I blog over at Dance
to the Radio
. One of the reasons I love reading Melissa’s blog so much
is because of our very similar taste in music. So I thought that while
Melissa is off enjoying some sunshine, I would post a spring time mix
to go with some spring fashion inspiration.  Although spring is still
a few weeks away, I am already counting down the days until I can move
my sundresses to the front of my closet.


Bright colors and pattern mixing are perfect for the upcoming season.
This color combination is perfection!

And now for a mix…

01. Coney Island – Good Old War
02. Emmylou – First Aid Kit
03. Mean to Me – Ben Kweller
04. Slight Figure of Speech – The Avett Brothers
05. Sandra Partial – Anthony Raneri
06. Generator (Second Floor) – Freelance Whales
07. Vegetable Car – Joshua Radin
08. Blue Skies Again – Jessica Lea Mayfield
09. Don’t Say Oh Well – Grouplove
10. We Don’t Need Our Heads – A Great Big Pile of Leaves

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